Birth Indexes

Birth registrations from 1870-1899 are available at the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

Vital statistic indexes are yearly summaries of vital events that contain basic information such as name, location, year, and registration number. The indexes are used to locate registrations.


Birth indexes are organized alphabetically by surname and then by year.

Please note you are searching the indexes for a registration number rather than the registration records themselves. You will be notified when the registration is available.

How to Locate and Request Birth Registrations

From the links listed below, follow these steps to locate a registration number:

  1. Select the first letter of the surname.
  2. Scroll through the index to find the year the person was born in order to locate their name and registration number.
  3. Fill out and submit the Vital Statistics Request Form when you have located the registration number.

Contact a registry agent to request birth registrations that are less than 120 years old.