Deaths 1925-1969

Death registrations from 1925-1969 are located using typed, searchable indexes.

Vital statistic indexes are yearly summaries of vital events that contain basic information such as name, location, year, and registration number. The indexes are used to locate registrations.

How to Locate a Death Registration

Death indexes are organized chronologically by year and then alphabetically by surname. The only information required to locate a registration are name, date, registration number, and location (fields 1, 2 and 3).

These indexes have optical character recognition (OCR), which means that they are keyword searchable.

  Code Meaning
1. Date M/Day Month/Day of Event
2. Record Identity YR Year of Event
PB Province/Country Code
NUM*BER Registration Number
3. Place or Cross Reference   Place of event or information that may cross-reference the event
4. Sex of Deceased   F - Female
M - Male
5. Ctl   Unknown
6. Maiden Name CI Unknown
RY Year Event was Registered
MDB Month and day of birth of deceased
7. Initials YB Year of birth of deceased
PB Place of birth of deceased
8. Birthplace B# Birth registration number for deceased

Please note that you are searching the indexes for a registration number rather than the registration records themselves. You will be notified when the registration is available.

How to Request a Death Registration

Follow these steps to locate a registration number:

  1. Select the year range for the event you’re looking for.
  2. Press ctrl+f on PC or command+f on Mac to keyword search for the name of the person you’re looking for or scroll through the index in order to locate the person’s name and registration number.
  3. Fill out and submit the Vital Statistics Request Form when you have located the registration number.

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