Past Exhibits

Explore an abundant variety of topics, images, archival records, artifacts and artwork featured in exhibits previously on display at the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

The Alberta Legislature

This exhibit celebrates the hundredth anniversary of the Alberta Legislature Building. Rising 176 feet into the prairie sky, the building is faced with granite and sandstone and the interior is finished with over two thousand tons of marble. The grand structure is a symbolic anchor for the province - a reminder of its past and a vision for its future.

Botanical Lantern Slides of William Copeland McCalla

William Copeland McCalla photographed the images for his black and white glass lantern slides, which he then hand-coloured. The prints in this exhibition were created from digital scans of the original lantern slides and were enlarged and printed on lustre paper. McCalla's hand-colouring is both meticulous and delicate, and his compositions are evidence of an artist's eye. The exhibit showcased a selection of McCalla's images from the Provincial Archives' collection.

Building Alberta

As Alberta entered her 100th year, it was staggering to consider how many significant structures were built in such a short period. Throughout Alberta's history, the creation of infrastructure in the province has been an impressive partnership between the public and private sectors, and reflects the can-do attitude that epitomized who Albertans really are.

A Delicate Balance

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, several orders of religious women journeyed to the Canadian West from eastern Canada and Europe. The impact of these women on the establishment and development of society in this region was profound. The Sisters worked together with missionary Priests and Brothers to create schools, hospitals, colleges and churches.

Great Western Garment Co.

The Great Western Garment Company was founded in 1911 and was purchased by Levis Strauss and Co. [Canada] Inc. The history of garment workers who passed through the plant’s doors offers a glimpse into the history of all working people in this city, and mirrors the successive waves of immigrants to western Canada.

Illuminating the Diary of Alda Dale Randall

The exhibit of artist, former archivist and third generation prairie woman Marlena Wyman was inspired by the 1920 diary of Alberta homesteader Alda Dale Randall, held in the collection of the Provincial Archives of Alberta. In her art practice, Wyman honours early prairie women and sheds light on their contributions that are often hidden in the shadows of the western settlement story.

Inauguration Exhibit

The exhibit follows the events of September 1 that began with a grand parade and ended with the Royal North West Mounted Police royal salute. On display are items from the Ernest Brown fonds, including images of Governor General Sir Earl Grey, Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Lieutenant Governor H. V. Bulyea taking part in this historic day for Alberta. The exhibit also presents media coverage of our province's entry into confederation.

Les Francophones en Alberta

Les Francophones en Alberta: Courage et détermination told the story of the French in Alberta based on the holdings of the Provincial Archives of Alberta. The exhibit traced the history of the French Albertans through its associations, both economic and cultural, its religious works, and its early pioneering work.

Past Light

Through photographs drawn from the Provincial Archives' holdings, the exhibit explored how photography developed in Alberta: what formats and techniques were used and what beautiful images resulted. The exhibit reviewed both the works of the professional and the amateur.