Marguerite Sigur fonds

The Collections Management section is pleased to make the Marguerite Sigur fonds (PR3793) available.

This material documents her life in volunteering for the Francophone community in Calgary, and is available for use in the Sandra Thomson Reading Room at the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

Marguerite Sigur was born on March 19, 1923, at Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe, Southern France, to Jeanne Mathieu and Laurent Gaudou. She had one brother, Maurice, and sister, Marthe. Marguerite married Edouard Sigur on October 24, 1942 and had two children, Marie-Françoise Roseline and Francis.

After her retirement in 1981, Marguerite and Edouard came to settle to Alberta, sponsored by their daughter. As soon as she arrived in Calgary, she became involved in local theatre and in painting, as well as volunteered for various Francophone organizations, including Saint Famille Parish, the Société franco-canadienne de Calgary (responsible for the Villa Jean-Toupin), and the Club d’amitié, a seniors group. The Marguerite Sigur fonds includes a DVD titled Marguerite Sigur. Nouveau départ, nouvelle aventure, featuring a 16 minute interview with Marguerite Sigur about her life and her volunteering within the Francophone community in Calgary.

Capture from the video interview with Marguerite Sigur.
The image is a capture from the video interview with Marguerite Sigur.