The Provincial Archives of Alberta presents this exhibit about Alberta's court records as one of its outreach initiatives to inform new audiences about its holdings. Raising the profile of its holdings is one of the important roles the Provincial Archives plays in appraising, acquiring, preserving and making available Alberta's documentary heritage.

Appraisal and Acquisition

Government Records Archivists analyze (or appraise) records created by the courts to determine which records have ongoing value that require their acquisition by the Archives and which records can be destroyed. The courts then transfer records of ongoing value to the Provincial Archives on a regular basis - some records are transferred within a few years of their creation while others may be held by the courts for up to one hundred years before being transferred.


The Provincial Archives keeps records of ongoing value in acid-free boxes and file folders within temperature-controlled vaults to promote their preservation. Because of the volume of court records involved, conservators must set priorities regarding the treatment and repair of documents.


Court records at the Provincial Archives are made available to the public in the Sandra Thomson Reading Room. Researchers can consult various finding aids, view original court records, and obtain copies of documents during regular business hours. Some restrictions on access may apply to certain records.