From the Archives

Warrant to Apprehend Mary Mitchell, 1917.

Notice to Consultants (of fortune tellers), 1917.

Report of Committal, Mary Mitchell, 1917.

Deposition of E.C. Lane (excerpt), 1917.

Criminal statistics of Mary Mitchell, 1917.

“’Future Revealed’ Business has a Few Slight Drawbacks,” Edmonton Bulletin, December 12, 1917.

“Fortune Tellers Face Charges of False Pretences,” Edmonton Bulletin, December 24, 1917.

“Women’s Police Court,” Edmonton Bulletin, December 28, 1917.

“Supreme Court Criminal,” Edmonton Bulletin, January 19, 1918.

“Palmists Must Go Say Police After Court Convictions,” Edmonton Bulletin, January 24, 1918.

“Gipsy Princess to Face Trial on Charge of Theft,” Edmonton Bulletin, February 5, 1918.