From the Archives

Statement of Claim, Robert Holm (first page missing) including examples of labels, 1910.

Statement of Defense, 1910.

Affidavit, William Smith, 1910.

Affidavit, William Sheppard, 1910.

Affidavit, William Lines, 1910.

Affidavit, George Eacrett, 1910.

Trial Exhibits, 1910.

“Beer Bottles and Labels Are Subject of a Lawsuit,” Edmonton Capital, September 14, 1910.

“’Capitol’ Beer vs. ‘Budweiser’,” Edmonton Capital, October 29, 1910.

“Charges Contempt of Court,” Edmonton Capital, November 14, 1910.

“Beer Label Case in Court,” Edmonton Bulletin, November 15, 1910.

“Budweiser vs. Capitol,” Edmonton Bulletin, November 15, 1910.

“Was Long Array of Bottles in Court,” Edmonton Capital, November 15, 1910.

Judgment, 1911.

“Capitol Beer Labels Are Too Much Like Those of Budweiser,” Edmonton Bulletin, February 13, 1911.

“Company Must Change Trademark,” Edmonton Capital, February 13, 1911.